Resident Sculptors


Gael O’Leary is a professional artist, who has exhibited successfully in both New Zealand and Australia and Canada, and has major sculptural commissions in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. A qualified teacher, Gael has a diploma in Printmaking, a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts (Hons Art History) and a Master of Fine Arts (Sculpture). As well as creating her own sculpture and working on commissions, Gael takes classes in sculpture at the Centre.

Anna Robertson is a talented sculptor who has successfully exhibited and sold her work and enjoys working in a range of media as she continues her sculptural journey.  She is a qualified teacher who co-teaches sculpture with Gael and works as her assistant on major sculpture commissions.

Melissa Cussell is a creative sculptor with a growing reputation.  Melissa enjoys working in a variety of media and is a successful exhibitor with works in private collections.

Veronique Derville
I travelled the world with my family and had the chance to discover many amazing countries and cultures. All those powerful memories inform my imagination and I try to immortalise them in my works.

Travelling triggers my creativity, but to create, I need to be in a nurturing and harmonious environment like my studio at Bayside Sculpture.   Here I find working amongst other artists of various backgrounds and nationalities a very enriching experience. I work with different media: ceramics, stone, chicken wire, driftwood and found objects. I have been exhibiting extensively in group exhibitions since 2005 and have sold my works both here and overseas and most of my works can be commissioned in bronze to a limited edition.

Website: www.Verozart.com.au Email:  verozart64@gmail.com

Anna Auditore is a professional sculptor who enjoys exploring the human form in various media. She works mainly in bronze but is also an accomplished stone carver, working in alabaster, soapstone, limestone  and marble. Anna has participated in many group exhibitions and her work is held in private collections.