Gael O’Leary


Traveller – Life-size bronze of Ursula Frayne 2017

Academy of Mary Immaculate, Fitzroy, Melbourne (1350mm x 700mm x 700 mm)

Violin and Books variable

Come Sit Awhile (Catherine McAuley sitting on park bench)

Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and PNG Sydney, Australia. Life-size bronze (1350mm x 800mm x 700mm)

Walking Catherine (Marquette)

This Marquette of a walking version of Catherine McAuley is a companion piece to the seated Catherine in the sculpture “Come Sit Awhile” first commissioned by the leadership team of the Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea and installed in the garden at the Stanmore, Sydney headquarters. A copy of “Come Sit Awhile” is now  installed in the Sacred Garden at Mercy International, Dublin.

Mercy Cross with Gum Leaf Motif

Sisters of Mercy Grafton NSW Australia. Bronze (1500mm x 1500mm x 150mm)

Madeleine Sophie Baret

Baradene College, Auckland NZ. Bronze sculpture 2008/9 (2600mm x 910mm x 525mm)


Mater Misericordiae Private Hospital, Mackay, Queensland, Australia 2002/3. Bronze Sculpture (2000mm x 1200mm x 700mm)


Life size bronze sculpture of Catherine McAuley and student 2004. Mercy High School, Baltimore, USA. (1176mm x 880mm x 750mm)

Heart of Mercy

Mercy Congregational Centre, Auckland, NZ. Bronze sculpture (1800mm x 1500mm x 400mm)


Sisters of Mercy – Auckland NZ 2000. Sesqui- centenary bronze (2600mm x 1400mm x 1200mm)